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Booked: 7 Steps To Getting Paid Speaking Engagements

If you are aspiring to translate your professional experience into paid speaking engagements or if you are simply looking to take your speaking hobby to the next level, this course is for you. Join Carlisha as she walks you through proven ways to position your brand and book paid speaking engagements. Carlisha has spoken to thousands of audiences across multiple continents and will share lessons she has learned from her own life experience.

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Leadership Launch

This 5 module digital course is for the one with BIG dreams who knows deep inside they have the potential to change the world. It’s easy to see the big picture of your life, but the details of getting there are a tad bit fuzzy. Opportunities and shiny objects may cross your path often, but at times it’s hard to narrow your focus down to one thing. If you are multi-faceted, dynamic, and passionate about multiple things without clearly knowing the next right thing, this course is for you.

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