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Leadership Training

Carlisha Williams International empowers leaders to tell their story, rally the support of stakeholders, and make major moves in their business and career. At Carlisha Williams International, we believe everything you want to build begins with the story you tell.  Let’s work together to say something unforgettable while building your leadership skills to elevate you, your brand, and business to the next level developing your irrationally passionate lifestyle!

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Non-Profit Training

Carlisha Williams International works with individuals and organizations to innovate with those who desire to impact society through leadership and philanthropic action. From determining your philanthropic potential, identifying the prospects who will help realize it, providing the tools you need to manage start up and ongoing success, and fundraising to see the vision come to life; we are here for you! We specialize in helping our clients (both new and existing ventures) develop social entrepreneurship skills and high-impact strategies for success.


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